"Benedict really got what I was wanting and took it way further than I could have dreamed of. The music is one of the high points of the game, and that wouldn’t have happened without him."

Sam Barham, Balancing Monkey Games


Title: Dead Frontier 2
Platform: Steam

Release Date: EA 5th Sept.


3rd Person Survival Horror MMO, with terrorizing zombies, looting, trading and customization. Play solo, in clans or PvP. From the legendary developer of the original Dead Frontier, Creaky Corpse Ltd.

Services: Complete adaptive soundtrack, additional sound design and VA management.

Trailer Production (concept, editing and audio).


Title: Ciatastronauts!
Platform: Steam, Xbox, PS4, Switch

Release Date: 28th Sept. 2018 (Switch to follow)


A Frantic and fun take on couch co-op! FTL meets Overcooked as you work together to keep your ship running, destroy the enemy and hopefully not kill each other! 

Services: In-game music: Main theme and gameplay soundtrack.. Not the trailer music.



Title: Ayo: A Rain Tale
Platform: PC/Mac - Steam/MacApp Store

Release Date: TBC


2D Platformer highlighting the plight of millions in Sub-saharan Africa who have to walk miles every day to collect 40 pounds of water. Guide Ayo through a mystical experience as she fetches water for her family.

Services: Sound design, Music, Audio Integration, Trailers audio and additional editing.





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"Professional, reliable, talented. A game dev dream come true!"


Dave Toulouse / Developer / Machine 22

"Benedict...out-freaking-standing. Compelling and unobtrusive sound design which works incredibly well with the orchestration, consistent and evolving energy, epic tone, looping friendly, I mean, you just hit these check marks incredibly well."

Alex Jarzebinski / Executive Director / BattleBards

"Ben's outstanding commitment and contributions to our game went beyond creating all the wonderful music themed for each of the 5 worlds and all the great sound effects. He is a very talented musician who is always "going the extra mile" by contributing ideas. Thanks for helping us make Color Guardians the best game that it can be!"

Claudio Pinto / CEO / FairPlay Labs.

"Ben scored Doom Warrior from start to finish and the results were quite simply breathaking. He turned our simple game into something that feels truly epic. He's a great guy who's easy to work with and always gets things turned around promptly. Couldn't have asked for a better composer!"

Neil Yates / Producer / Creaky Corpse Ltd.

"For I Am A Brave Knight, we needed really immersive music to enhance the experience. Ben absolutely nailed the feel we were looking for creating a beautiful atmosphere for the game."

Felipe Cartin / Producer / Tree Interactive

"Ben is a great audio magician. The audio he's created for my first two games has been of excellent quality and a perfect fit for the games. Ben is a great professional composer, he works quickly and, maybe more importantly, he cares about the final product."

Niclas Aberg / Developer / Totobe Games Ltd.



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