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Despite it's colorful and kiddy veneer, Color Guardians is a supremely challenging action/re-action platformer that requires skill, dexterity, and a damn good memory. Easy to learn and nearly impossible to master, the game challenges players to quickly negotiate an onslaught of obstacles while shifting between different colors. It's multi-tasking madness!


About the Audio


Benedict provided all the music and sfx for the game, overseeing its implementation. From interactive menu music to checkpoint-based music cues, the focus was always on a soundtrack that would entertain, push you forward and never get tiresome as you die over and over and over again in the pursuit of perfection!


The official soundtrack is available from every digital download store, bandcamp or directly here for just $5!

"The music, for example, is subtle but catchy at the same time – and will leave you humming away to yourself as you play."


"The music and sound effects set the stage nicely, being both mystical and energetic in just the right proportion."


"I very much enjoyed the score, it fits perfectly with the game's visuals and hectic pace!"


"The music is also something that is very very well orchestrated. The music knocked me back to plenty of awesome games, like nintendo games, Donkey Kong, Crash Bandicoot..."



"I don't often play a game and immediately go through it again after finishing it, but I did that with Color Guardians!" 


-Playstation Lifestyle

"One of the most amazing genre games of 2015" 


-Grab the Games!

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