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The world is crumbling and the dead are roaming, but a glimmer of hope remains. A safe place where humanity can start over, protected from the hell this world has become. This is your destination.

Along the way you'll meet allies, defeat foes and battle through the infected. Manage your resources and make the tough decisions necessary to ensure the survival of your group. In this march for salvation, your choices matter.

March Of The Living is a Rogue-like survival sim, where every journey is a challenge and every story different, with a procedurally generated world every time you die and start again. Which you will.


About the Audio


Rather than a straight-forward "Track 1, track 2 etc." experience, MOTL utilizes an adaptive soundtrack, which reacts to multiple parameters in game (eg. time, weather, location - obviously, player and growler decisions and threats). It provides a more organic experience, and with just the right amount of 'randomness' thrown in and seemless blending of states, the result is a soundtrack that weaves its way alongside you on your journey of survival.

Benedict also produced the trailers for MOTL, designing, editing and scoring them (Below is the Greenlight trailer that helped get the game enough votes in 72 hours).


OST is available cheaper as DLC to the game on Steam, so get the game and hear it in context!

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