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Whether you need a raging hybrid orchestral track for a modern RTS, casual music and sfx for an iOS game, or a complete soundtrack for your film, it can be done. You are passionate about your project, and Benedict is passionate about the audio he provides. Constantly in communication via Skype and email, available virtually 24/7, Benedict is always available to discuss ideas, adapt to changes and provide ideas and feedback. And because he knows indie budgets are typically tight, he keeps his prices fair and works for perfection, regardless of budget.


Working from a well-equipped studio, with over 11 years in the industry providing music for media (from games to films, audiobooks to theatre productions) every genre of soundtrack is offered. Whether it be raging orchestral music, ambient atmospheric sound design, jazz piano or something completely different, it can be done.


With fast turn around of ideas to get the ball rolling, and the ability to provide quick revisions, you will quickly discover why Benedict is the go-to composer for clients in a wide variety of genres.


Why not check out Tower of Time, Color Guardians, March of the LivingDoom Warrior, EggOh!, MinerZ or Battle Camp. They all feature  sound design by myself.


Sometimes indie budgets are so tight a developer is looking for a "One man audio solution", who will do everything from music to sfx and ensure it all works seamlessly together.


For indie projects Benedict can provide all the audio assets required and oversee implementation. With an already extensive and ever-growing library of custom sfx, there is no need to turn to stock libraries and desperately crawl through pages and pages of sfx that don't quite fit the style, or sync perfectly to the animation. All that is taken care of as the audio vision is developed with and for you.


However, if the audio needs are too great for one man, let's say so. We all want a project to be as good as that can be, and so if needed, Benedict can recommend one of several well-seasoned sound designers he has worked with to bring into the project under close supervision.

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When budgets are tight PR companies can charge too much for trailer production.


Fortunately, Ben directed and edited short movies and trailers in a previous life, and so offers these skills to indie developers in the tightest of budgets.


The benefits include a carefully edited trailer that matches a custom score for the trailer and a thorough understanding of the game and it's target audience, as well as the ability to customize sound design from the game or film's development to maximize trailer impact.


No more just stitching together screen-captured footage in iMovie and slapping a chunk of the soundtrack over it!

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